We're a young family living on a beautiful five-acre farm. We raise a variety of animals including: Collies, our Pembroke Welsh Corgis {Bunny & Bentley}, milk-goats, grass-fed cows, free-range chickens, and two cats. {The Collies, Corgis and cats get along quite well. We've even caught them cuddling!} We like to raise and care for our animals and property as naturally and organically as possible. We've even used re-purposed palates to build our "dog cottage".  

 Aside from being family companions, our Collies excel at their lives on the farm. In the years that we've had them we have lost neither baby goats, chickens, nor any other animals on our farm to wild predators. Our Collies, Chloe, Reggie, Primrose, & Ginger, have also protected our children from the occasional cranky rooster who may be getting a little too close. Needless to say, our dogs are very, very good with children and are wonderful family dogs.

  We are very concerned about Collie health and are committed to bettering the breed. We are incorporating important DNA testing into our breeding program, including Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), DM,Grey Collie Syndrome,VonWildebrand's, and MDR1. We are also members of the Collie Health Foundation.

  As time permits, we have been working toward showing our Collies at AKC dog shows. We enjoy admiring all the fellow Collies at the shows as well as getting to know other breeders. All of our Collies are AKC registered.

 We enjoy Collies and we'd love to share their friendly, caring, not to mention beautiful​ selves with you. If you would like to learn more about Collies, please feel free to contact us. We're also providing a few links below for your introduction to Collies.

"The Rough Collie is a dog as beautiful in temperament as in body. Originally bred to assist the shepherd in the care and protection of his flock, the modern Collie still possesses the fine qualities of his Scottish herding ancestors: gentleness, intelligence, and loyalty, making him especially well suited for family life. His willingness to work closely with his master makes him an excellent performance or service dog. An exceptional dog with children, the Collie's devotion to his family is legendary. Because his primary focus is on his people, the Collie adapts well to either city or country life. " -Westminster Kennel Club